[Rumor] Persona 5: R An Updated Release Or A Story Follow-up?

ATLUS’ Persona series has been one of the best JRPGs in the industry; and with the recent success of Persona 5, is it possible that an updated release of the game is already in the making? Or is it a story follow-up?

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Yohshida1374d ago

Its the Switch version ;D

PygmelionHunter1374d ago

It would be sweet if they ported this over to PC, Switch and Xbone, so everyone can enjoy this magnificent game!

Now, if they were to announce something like Persona 5: Golden so soon after the western release of the original, I reckon they would piss off quite a few of us that bought the game back in april...

MegamanXXX1374d ago

It wouldn't sell well on Xbox one because Xbox fans not really into Jrpgs

AspiringProGenji1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I believe this is another spinoff or even DLC. Updated Persona games come years after, not in the same year or next. If a Golden Version ever happens, it may be on a next Sony handheld or even Switch in the future

I don't see why ask for a Persona 5 port tho? Atlus is Working on Shin Megami Tensey for Switch and that isn't coming to PS4. I rather Atlus keep these two series separate so they hold their identities (considering they are very similar).

As for the other platforms, I can only see PC players supporting it. Xbox? Not really! However some people here would love to rub it on other people's faces that one of this year''s best rated game isn't exclusive anymore despite not being interested in buying it.

Blank1374d ago

I'm not pissed more Persona means more happiness for me.

DivineAssault 1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Never going to happen. The devs themselves said "Its a Playstation thing" regarding Persona.. Regular SMT games will likely be on switch though.. PQ2 will be 3DS exclusive as well.. Xbox theres no chance in hell

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Asuka1374d ago

I would buy the Switch version. I don't see it happening tho. Maybe when P5G or whatever its called there would be a Switch version.

Yohshida1374d ago

Well, Switch is strong in Japan and alot of people would buy it. This makes sense to release it. Cant be that hard to port.

Outlawzz1374d ago

I'm on the last battle of persona 5 as we speak and honestly I wouldn't mind a follow up story like how they did for smt4 lol great games..great games

DivineAssault 1373d ago

Amazing game. Its one of if not the best JRPG i ever played.. I dont understand why they wont try again to make a second game like they did with part 2.

Protagonist1374d ago

I need a story follow-up!

DivineAssault 1373d ago

Maybe its code for "R"ena? Nah thats a stretch but maybe.. P5 did so good there's no telling whats next. All i know is i want! Well not interested in the rythm games despite the music being fan FN tastic.. Ill just have to watch the story on youtube..