Polyphony Over-Specced Gran Turismo Sport for Future 8K Consoles

Gran Turismo Sport is set to be with gamers for a long time as Polyphony Digital reveals future-proofing of assets.

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SlappingOysters534d ago

Obviously this would have added to the delay, but I guess it means they will have more cars and tracks in the next game.

freshslicepizza534d ago

"Obviously this would have added to the delay"

There is always a delay with them. Maybe if they removed the photo mode it would get more content elsehwhere and a proper offline campaign.

IRetrouk534d ago

We dont know if it has a campain or not, nothing has been confirmed one way or the other, tbh your view on gt means very little, you already admitted to not playing the last two releases so what does it matter to you??
What extra content do you mean, cars and tracks?? Plenty of both in sport, more will be added through dlc like the last two games, why not talk about what the game is doing that no other racer has ever done, the fia championships and cups smash anything attemted in a racing game before, then you have the various partnerships with manufacturer's to bring new cars and prototypes to the game, what about the real life race licence you can earn, or the prizes from the cups and championships that get awarded along side the fia drivers? We havent even mentioned the most important part yet either, the driving, unmached in any console sim to date and gets continued updates throughout the development, you only had to play the beta to see how hard they are working, also way to turn the dudes comment around, your fanboy is showing🙄

DarXyde534d ago

Right. And then we'd be hearing, "it doesn't even have a photo mode!" from people like you.

ProjectVulcan534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

All this says to me is that Polyphony can no longer see the wood from the trees.

They are frustrating. Need to refocus on what matters in racing games, what makes a racing game great. It isn't PSI markings on a tyre sidewall.

Eonjay534d ago

You guys need need to get off this games dick.

IRetrouk533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

@ eonjay, You do the exact same thing for games you like dont you? Why cant i look forward to the game? I played the beta and enjoyed the hell out of it which made me even more excited for it, ima stay on gt untill poly give me a reason not to.

darthv72533d ago

Hopefully they will be able to release GT7 within a much more timely manner. I'd hate for it to skip the PS4 gen when we have always had 2 GT games with each PS platform.

OffRoadKing533d ago

NO! Don't remove the photo mode.

C-H-E-F533d ago

You just keep bashing this game, but you fail to realize they have made 4 Forza games this Gen, this is the FIRST GT game this Gen AND it was rebuilt from scratch, not using last gen models like Forza. The previous GT games all used PS2 assets that were repurposed for the PS3. That's why everything was sooo much, This has been a complete reboot of the series so to speak hence the lost in the numbering system and going to "SPORT". Kazunori Yamauchi himself even said, that this GT is officially the SECOND GENERATION of the series, that all of the previous games are first Gen GT games.

You just keep poking the bear, but fail to realize that GT is opening doors for Forza to FOLLOW once again, along with plenty of other racing games. GT is the King of racing sim, like it or not. Also, previous GT games had hundreds of cars, but I only cared about buying 1 car... the skyline... after i bought that i never bought another car.... likely to be the same on this as well AHAHAHAHAH so have a trillion cars is pointless really for me atleast.

fr0sty533d ago

Bear in mind, GT often reuses assets from previous games in future games, so this is actually a great thing as it means those assets will be very high quality when the new console(s) arrives.

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kevnb534d ago

Having higher quality assets shouldn't delay anything very long.

Edito533d ago

@Vulcanproject, Poliphony knows what matters since the PS1 era and because of them all the wannabes exist and are following their footsteps... GT became something way bigger just a racing game, it's a lifestyle, culture, etc... not just a racing game...

BigWan78534d ago

wait a minute... if they over specc'd the game... why isn't it super sampling? that would only make logical sense...

or am i missing something?

Eonjay534d ago

This has already been covered. Instead of simply downsampling, they are going to actually increase 1080p fidelity with better effects to increase image quality beyond what you get with supersampling.

UltraNova533d ago


Yes thats right. I'd take smooth ultra quality 1080p over half-a*** 4K "solutions" anyday all day.

That said, is Polyphony hinting at an 8K capable ps5 here?

FITgamer533d ago

Well Kazunori did say in an interview with GT Planet that they plan to have 400-500 cars total added periodically. Hopefully they go the same route they did with GT 6 and those cars are free of charge.

RememberThe357533d ago

I hate to say it, but I doubt it. I'm watching this game like a hawk. I'm not really into the online racing thing yet but I'm still really looking forward to getting on the track, the driving looks amazing.

AmUnRa533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

What about free updates with new cars and new tracks just like GT6?
I know that this will be same like GT6.
Whe dont have to wait for the nex GT, GTS wil also have enough free updates.
I shure that it wil have enough free content. and GTS has a singleplayer, thats the true.

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B1uBurneR534d ago

Sounds like backwards compatibility... looks like not many will play it when PS5 comes out. Basing my opinion on PS fans comments about 360 BC on X1.

Goldby534d ago

I think it's more that they have the cars all mapped now so let time in future iterations

B1uBurneR534d ago

I think its a an absolutely great idea for 10 years from now. 4K is going to take 2 years to be the norm and these tv people want to keep at least another 5-6 years... yeah... 10 years seems about right no, 10 years and beyond is more accurate. Similar to Halo collection 15 years later we'll be able to play it enhanced. Here is to me hoping for a Halo 2 anniversary 4K patch.

KickSpinFilter533d ago

No sounds like future proofing your assetts for GT7 and above.

zivtheawesome534d ago

If ps5 does 8k and we go by the fact that the pro does native 1800p that means that ps5 will be 24 TF...
Sounds a bit too much right? Maybe they meant at 30fps which would make it 12TF which makes a lot more sense.

Neonridr534d ago

I think at this point we can safely assume that the PS5 will do native 4K possibly at 60fps (although I won't hold my breath). That's about it. 4K adoption is still relatively slow here. No way the next console in a few years would support 8K devices which may or may not even be commercially available.

SlappingOysters534d ago

Maybe they are future proofing for a decade or more so they don't have to redo the assets again as they did this time.

Neonridr534d ago

it's not a bad idea Oysters. I just don't think we should be expecting to see an 8K console anytime soon.

zivtheawesome534d ago

Thats not what i meant. i wanted to predict the gpu capabilities of the ps5. By what he says it would be 12TF which was about my expectations anyway. I would actually prefer if developers would continue using checkerboard 4k for games in the next gen. This method gives a relatively similar results to native 4k at a much higher efficiency which would allow next gen games to further enhance graphical effects. Wheter games would be 30fps or 60fps i do not know but my guess is that most devs would mostly still use 30fps (probably will be more 60fps games though with zen)

Neonridr534d ago

12TF wouldn't do 8K anyways. So it's safe to assume that it would be more likely native 4K at that number.

BigWan78534d ago


native takes less time to achieve than checkerboard...

kneon533d ago

We're a long way off from 8K TVs being mainstream, there just isn't much point in going beyond 4k unless you're buying absolutely gargantuan TVs.

But 8K assets are useful for future VR. The current VR headsets are no where near where they need to be in terms of screen resolution, expect some big jumps over the next few years as the screen tech and available processing power catches up to what we need.

dcbronco533d ago

Oyster future proofing at great expense would be a mistake. Why put in 8k in three years when you'd just because hitting stride in 4k TV adoption. You would have a console you spend the maximum amount to manufacture and can't use it to full potential for years. Instead go with a 12 teraflops GPU and focus the design on 4k/60 and better game design. We need to start expecting more from gameplay and let the graphics stay on their natural course. I would also prefer pushing frame rates instead of 8k.

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Bigpappy534d ago

There will be no 8K PS5. You guy think 4K cost too much, but are dreaming about 8K.

534d ago
InTheZoneAC534d ago

Chill, no one thinks PS5 is going to be 8k

Lon3wolf534d ago


If you could build a machine for $400 that can run 8k I can get you millions of orders :D

Gh05t534d ago


Apparently you missed the "If ps5 does 8k and we go..." which is clear someone is "thinking" it is a possibility.

zivtheawesome533d ago

Again you guys understood me wrong, i am just saying that if the ps5 could run a ps4 game at 8k resolution what does it mean for the GPU. I was not talking about the actual games resolution.... i actually expect games to still be checkerboard 4k as it is effective.

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yeahokwhatever533d ago

PS4 is a 1080p device. PS4 Pro improves on that a little. PS5 will be a 4k machine. PS5 Pro will be able to introduce people to 8k in the same way that PS4 Pro introduced people to 4k.

KickSpinFilter533d ago

No way in hell would a PS5 pro reach 8k it's a way off perhaps PS6.

zivtheawesome533d ago

Look at my responses above, i did not mean that the ps5 would be 8k but i tried to calculate the ps5 capabilities

andrewsquall534d ago

But forgot to add a single player career mode at all lol.

IRetrouk533d ago

Prove it has no single player....its ok i will wait.......

extermin8or533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

It has like license challenges but from the previews that is all. Rest is focused around online competitive play. Think like how rainbow six handled stuff as instant race aswell but that's it. Plus devs always make stuff in higher quality than required although his remarks suggest that they don't plan on releasing a new gt for a Long time, just dlc for this one. I expect this will either work on a backwards compatible Ps5 or see a Ps5 release and just get dlc cars, tracks and maybe singleplayer Contemt (can hope) for a good. 5+ years.

IRetrouk533d ago

True bit thats still classed as a single player portion though right? Plus we still dont actually know if it does have single player cups and champs yet, for all we know the manufactures cups and tornaments might be playable as single player too, just not enough info at min one way or the other.

InTheZoneAC534d ago

It's funny watching the bots downvote these obviously nonserious posts

Lon3wolf534d ago

It's funnier watching both sides do it across the board.

OffRoadKing533d ago

If clicking a down arrow is what brings peace and joy to their lives then let em have it, lol.

kneon533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

You're aiming too low, I predict the PS5 will do ∞k :)

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