GameSpot: PlayStation Home Preview

Well, it is working--the little green basket is pumping out bubbles at a furious pace--but it isn't producing the desired effect. GameSpot is with Jack Buser, director of Sony's upcoming PlayStation Home, and they are sitting in a conference room watching his avatar trying to start up a dance party in Sony's virtual world.

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Amnesiac3793d ago

Home is gonna kick ass.

Thanks Sony.

The gaming GOD3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The same gamespot that has been trying hard to spit on Sony since the ps3 was released

The same gamespot that got mad because they promised LBP beta codes that they didn't have and are now saying it's Sony's fault when NO OTHER site had this "issue"?

I usually say people should try things for themselves and I stick by that. But if you want to trust a site, I suggest it NOT be Gamespot. I know this is just a preview, but you just KNOW all the negativity will ooze out when the open beta releases

HOME is going to be great no question. It's all the PS3 really needed. A way for players to meet up to game.

LarVanian3793d ago

The same GameSpot that scores almost all PS3 exclusives below 8.0?

DexTh053793d ago

I really believe HOME is gonna be a huge success, but when it first come out it may have some issues, but people just need to give it time XBL had issues when it first came out so PEOPLE DONT HATE ON HOME JUST YET GIVE IT SOME TIME TO BE PERFECTED!!!!

Miraak82 3793d ago

Home's gonna be the playstations cats meow :p