Official licenced PS4 Pro Controller comes in seven stylish colors

The official licenced Pro Controller from Nacon will be available in seven stylish colors, as the publisher today announced.

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These controllers being wired killed it for me.

KeeseToast1421d ago

They are intended for esport, so wire is a must

InTheZoneAC1421d ago

And yet no living organism on this planet could actually register any difference in output delay between the standard controller and this...

bloop1421d ago

InTheZoneAC, I'm no expert on the subject but I would presume trying to keep latency at a minimum is always going to be helpful as the lag will inevitably stack. For instance, if a wireless controller has latency of 0.2 seconds, and output to display has another 0.2 seconds latency, you're going to end up with 0.4 seconds of lag. Eliminating any kind of latency, however small is always going to be a good thing.

Liqu1d1421d ago

@InTheZoneAC It's an advantage nonetheless. For people involved in eSports or competitive gaming they'll take any advantage the can get.

InTheZoneAC1420d ago

@bloop, no controller lag is ever .2 seconds unless you live dead center of every possible means of interference. Just fyi

LAWSON721421d ago

Not really depends on the games. If I am playing a shooter I want that layout. If I was playing a JRPG, something with a bunch of menus, or 2d I would take the symmetrical layout.

Anzil1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I personally disagree and makes almost 0 sense to me. You have to move your fingers no matter what. When I'm shooting in battlefield or any shooter for that matter and I'm using 2 sticks simultaneously why would I want them offset. For fighters I agree it could be more beneficial but if you take any fighter seriously you use a fight stick.

LAWSON721421d ago

Just is not for you, it is great layout to many.

You mentioning the dpad for fighters making sense, if you are referring to it on the top rather than bottom you make zero sense, unless you are implying it is the natural resting position for your thumb so it would make sense for a fighter. If that is the case I don't know how the concept of people liking the analog in that spot as well.

Erik73571421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Im also gonna say that layout is better for fps as well

Microsoft I remember put a ton of money into research for the xbox360 controller.

darthv721420d ago

The layout is fine. Maybe you are just terrible at offset controllers.

InTheZoneAC1420d ago

Is the right side of your keyboard raised or shifted up 45 degrees? Help me to understand. You also get less control with concave sticks and potentially a slower, less accurate response

S2Killinit1421d ago

I like the red and the cameo grey one a lot.

ccgr1421d ago

camo grey is sharp indeed

qu1ckset1421d ago

I've never used unofficial/licensed controllers that I actually liked!

Hell call me crazy but I didnt even like the Xbox Elete controller over the vanilla controller

InTheZoneAC1421d ago

That's because paddle protrusions you have to reach for are unnatural. Not to mention the analog sticks feels dead as there's no tension to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.