Epic Duel: Hardcore Gamers vs. Casual Gamers

GameXtract writes "It's a battle that has gone on since the beginning of time…well not quite, but long enough that an epic duel needs to be written. So let's review the matchup. Hardcore gamers, the toppers of the skill lists, the guys who pwn you on a regular basis, the guys who manage to pull off headshots, no matter the circumstance. The Casual Gamers, the play for fun kind of guys. The people who don't care who wins or who loses, as long as they have a blast doing it. So who will win this epic duel? Let's get into it."

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TheColbertinator3788d ago

I am a casually hardcore gamer.

ape0073788d ago

that was one hell of an expression

Product3787d ago

Funny the casual picture has a girl playing with a PLAYSTATION lol!

whitesoxfalife3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

i just love to play videogames thats all i'm hardcore cuz i want the next new system casual gamer cuz i dont wanna pwned the noobs i wann enjoy experience everything online gaming has to offer, maybe i might have grown out the hardcore status.... yea 32yrs old and a parent of two will do it to ya but then u teach them to game so they can take on next in line for u noobies lmao and yes i have been gaming for over 20yrs