How to Tell If You're a PC Gaming Fanboy

Not sure if your beige pride is up to snuff? Test your gaming attitudes to find out if you're a PC Fanboy.

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solar3788d ago

im a PC fanboy because i like gaming on the superior platform. cost is no object....thats where the real hardcore gamers lie.

Charmers3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Thank god this isn't marked as multi or you would have seen your bubbles disappear fast. I don't personally consider myself a PC fanboy, I am not gaming on a PC out of loyalty to the platform.

I play games on the PC because I want high resolutions, fast framerates and a control system that lets me enjoy playing games. The day a console offers me the same flexibility, resolutions, framerates and decent control system will be the day I switch to console gaming. This generation the consoles most certainly don't offer that (despite what some console users think). So I will look again when the next Xbox comes out or the next PS comes out, but I am anticpating they will just be more of the same.

SaiyanFury3788d ago

Agreed. I play games on my PC but I also play on consoles. I spend the majority of my time on the PS3 since I grew up on many of the games on Japanese consoles, but some of the games on the consoles don't compare to the performance of my PC. I can play Bioshock in 1680x1050 resolution with 4x antialiasing. Not something that can be compared on the consoles. I tried the Bioshock demo on PS3, and while it was very playable, the framerate was choppy compared to my 60FPS on PC and the textures were a bit blurry. The PC is the most powerful platform to play most games on as long as you've got good hardware. But the consoles are the great place to play if you don't have a powerful PC.

solar3788d ago

@ charmers

totally agree man. if this was in the ps3 section i would garuantee id have over 100 disagrees. ppl like to hate on what is better than what they have. look at all the hate towards Valve because they dont make games for the ps3.

@ sayainfury

i have no hate for consoles. they definitely have really fun games. but all the knocks on PC's is never about the games. its about seating arrangements, this so called myth of having to upgrade every 6 months, and display size.

i use my 46" 1080p Samsung LCD for my display, a comfy chair, and i gamed on the same PC i built for 4 years with only 1 video card that was fried and a very cheap CPU upgrade a year after i built. and that was my first PC i ever built. if u build it right the first time u can game for years.

LeonSKennedy4Life3788d ago

9 of those pertain to me...

Only the tattoo and the never owned a console thing don't apply...

That's sad.

TheColbertinator3788d ago

Civilization made me a hardcore PC gamer.I have enjoyed all sequels and expansions of that amazing franchise

Lich1203788d ago

I think one of those should be having played crysis at launch on high settings. Just a thought but that says a lot about how closely someone maintains there gaming rig.

Dopeykid3788d ago

the guy who wrote that article is a douche bag. I'm not saying that hes wrong about pc being superior it is. but at least a quarter of the things he said were stupid. like all console games will be ported to pc eventually. thats defiantly not true. hes defiantly a pc fanboy. he must be retarded to think all that

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