Hideo Kojima on 'Logan' vs 'Metal Gear Solid'

'Metal Gear' creator talks about the importance of building universes that never have to end, even when you kill off the hero.

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ifrit_caress445d ago

I like some stories where the hero dies. I like games where I get to kill a villain that I like, such as the Boss on Metal Gear Solid 3.

yeahright2445d ago

Boss wasn't a villain. *tear*

2pacalypsenow445d ago

lol, I pictured that on my head.

ifrit_caress445d ago

Boss is one of the most iconic (real iconic, not Ubisoft iconic) game characters, she was a soldier, turned traitor (that's when she became a villain) turned patriot.

yeahright2444d ago

Boss didn't really turn. Everything was part of a long con, she just had to improvise after the Davey Crockett.

SarcasticDuck445d ago

so... Weapon X is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear!?

FRA85445d ago

Anybody else think that logan was takin a lot from the last of us, felt like they used alot of it's themes and called it a x-men movie...just a thought I had.

Ragthorn445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Just because Logan had a some themes similar to The Last of Us doesn't mean it was "taking from it". Everybody borrows something from somewhere else, it's hard to create an original thing, but Logan was unique for a modern Superhero movie - which it did not feel like. Also, The Last of Us isn't exactly the most original story, setting, etc. created as well, if anything, it's very derivative. But the narrative, characters, writing, and the bonds between these characters were what drove the game. It was pretty great and Logan shared common things, but it definitely did not take from The Last of Us.

Edit: Just realized after making the comment I said "drove the movie" instead of "drove the game". It totally wasn't intentional, but that makes me realize how movie-like (for better or for worse depending on how you look at it) The Last of Us felt like.

RememberThe357445d ago

I noticed the similarities more in tone than anything. We don't get [good] movies like Logan very often anymore(small cast, simple plot, all character and situation) and The Last of Us was that for games. The hopeless tone of Logan was perfectly presented by The Last of Us and I can't be mad if that game set the standard for that sort of tone.