63.3 Million PS4 Shipped by Sony by June 30th; PlayStation Revenue Increases, but Income Drops

Sony announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, also providing an update on PS4 shipments.

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FallenAngel1984443d ago

PlayStation Domination Celebration Proclamation


Sony is on fire this generation

JaguarEvolved442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

This is astounding. I'll buy a ps4 soon for gran turismo sport and probably help Sony to sell 70 million consoles by November of this year. It's awesome that Sony focuses on making games for PlayStation and releases a lot of quality exclusives which sells a lot more consoles. I like the xbox but it's not a compelling system for rational core gamers like the ps4 that gets a lot of exclusive games. Most Xbox fans are chanting the next sales gimmick and talking about "true 4k" while there aren't any new exclusive games coming. With all the amazing exclusive PlayStation games coming next year I see PlayStation sales being higher

freshslicepizza442d ago

Realistically they could ship/sell 100 million by the end of 2019, which is a huge feat. The PS4 Pro price will drop $50 in October.

andrewsquall442d ago

@JaguarEvolved Buying it for Gran Turismo? You do know its been confirmed that there is no career mode in the game right? Its just "missions" like in GT4 Prologue.

I love PlayStation. Can't wait for Yakuza Kiwami, Everybody's Golf, Uncharted The Lost Legacy and Knack 2 and I got all of them for £24 each pretty much.
But GT Sport I will be avoiding because of this atrocity to the single player mode. The Forza 5 and 6 number of tracks is also an insult to the franchise.

dirkdady442d ago

Whoa they now own Funimation. That is a huge get.

S2Killinit442d ago

Did anyone notice this! Very cool.

"As a bonus for those interested in anime, today we also learn that Sony Pictures Television Networks reached an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Funimation."

fr0sty442d ago

GT Sport was sold as a game that focused on multiplayer racing from the start, why are you acting surprised now andrewsquall?

The headline says income drops, but the chart shows an almost 180.5% boost? Revenue is also up 15%,

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trooper_442d ago

Good Lord, that's astronomical.

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Congratulations to PlayStation definitely well-deserved success