The Jimquisition: The PS4 Trash Tour

This week's Jimquistion video focuses on some questionable titles available for sale on the Playstation Network.

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freshslicepizza1424d ago

Good old Jim, digging through the dirt looking for garbage.

DragonKnight1424d ago

Well according to him he didn't even have to dig. It wasn't buried. It was right there with everything else.

lptmg1424d ago

never forget the Black Tiger trailer being released at the same time as the Nintendo Switch's official launch reveal

freshslicepizza1423d ago

But should we go down that route of allowing companies curating their own stores.

Genuine-User1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Some of the stuff is burried deep within the bowels of the PSN Store.

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Genuine-User1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Good on Jim for doing this video.

Mr Sterling has hundreds of videos on trashy PC games, whereas this video covers the worst software found on PS4, and it's only 18 minutes long.

So therefore, there's no need for any type of curation just yet.

thorstein1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Jim is a fat nothing that lives in his mother's basement.

But it is nice to see his Account here getting so many disagrees. Lol

coolbeans1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

1.) That's a very poor of measuring any supposed quality control issues on the PS4, especially when he's spent so much sometimes on just one PC title before (for an entire episode).

2.) You appear to be operating on the unjustified assumption that the potential to get much worse isn't there, or that it can be 'fixed' when it hits that level of being too much. Even the video brings up how these are clear signs of Sony (and Steam) wanting to be like app stores in regards to sheer quantity.

3.) Two of those terrible games showcased here were/are being advertised on PlayStation's official YouTube channel.

4.) The lack of communication with Jim by Sony execs is rather irksome, having to rely on unspecified sources that state knowing someone higher up can get you on the store when your game's in such a state.

Then again, I'm not a fan of Jim's approach to curation anyways; however, I felt the need to respond here b/c this is an incredibly flawed assessment of what the video's trying to get across.

RGB1423d ago

Sorry Jim, just no. Sony has allowed some horrible games on to PSN, no doubt about it. However, in no way is the games any worse or as plentiful as it is on Steam. Sony would have to allow thousands of absolute trash titles on the store just to keep up with the garbage pile Steam has amassed in the last few years.

MoveTheGlow1423d ago

Well, sure, he acknowledged that and he does way more stuff on bad Steam games than he does on PSN. He's pointing out a few very specific things that need to get fixed. In a way, I think he's doing it because he thinks a few people in Sony NA/EU are listening.

coolbeans1422d ago

"However, in no way is the games any worse or as plentiful as it is on Steam."

He never argued that was the case.

Cobra9511423d ago

That Sony would allow such trash to get sold on PSN alarms me. Here's hoping it's just a short lapse in judgment.