Lips Box Art Revealed for Xbox 360: Two Microphones has the first images of Lips' box art. It offers proof that the game will come shipped with two microphones.

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nbsmatambo3796d ago

Every time i see this game i think of SingStar, cuz its basically a blatant rip off...

BlackRaven853796d ago

Not every game Sony makes is original to begin with, Singstar can be all traced back to karaoke machines. I guess you are the type that thinks Sony invented karaoke period. There you have it folks. Sony invented karaoke, and everyone is ripping them off... God, I swear.

nbsmatambo3796d ago

God you swear wat...

I never said Sony invented Karaoke, but im pretty sure they were the first ones to put it on consoles..

if u can find me proof other wise ill shut up..

BlackRaven853796d ago

Sega CD that was packed with a karaoke CD+G disc packed in would like a word with you, and yes it supported microphones. Look it up and not on Wiki either.

Arsenic133796d ago

I still dont get how the game finds the lyrics to ur own songs.

BlackRaven853796d ago

The same way your PC finds songs you legally download, and how PS3 knows basically the same; all that's needed is an internet connection, and it finds the data image that song has.