Cyrax Teased as the Next Injustice 2 DLC Character

A few hours ago, Ed Boon, the creative director of Injustice 2, posted a tweet hinting at the possibility of Cyrax arrival. The picture shows wiring, and yellow armor with black shading, which made players presume that this is a picture of Cyrax from behind.

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P_Bomb496d ago

Gawd, please no more MK characters in the season pass! Subzero, probably Raiden, now Cyrax? Stick to more DC guys and gals like the first game. If I wanted MK I'd buy MK.

brokasfawk494d ago

Terrible news if true
I already have MKXL.. and I'm done playing MK characters for now

47494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

That'd be so awesome. Cyrax is the s**t!

GearSkiN494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

lol DC game they say

OhReginald494d ago

ed boon is the biggest troll.....he's salty that MKXL was a medicore game now he wants to bring MK characters in a good fighting game.

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