Game Focus: Review: Mario Super Sluggers

As can be expected on the Wii, there are plenty of mini-games on hand as well, and most of them are fun, if not just a tad on the forgettable side, with the exception of Toy Field, which returns from the Gamecube iteration. You may opt to play through them once on your own, but after that, unless you've got young kids, you're likely not to go back and play against the AI which can be ego-bruising and tough on the higher difficulties, unless you really like a challenge.

Bottom Line:
If you're new to the series, love all things Mario, or are just curious about how the great game of baseball is given a new twist in the Mushroom Kingdom, then by all means, give "Mario Super Sluggers" a chance, as it does offer some great fun in both multiplayer and single player games. However, if you've already got "Mario Superstar Baseball" for the Gamecube, the Wii version just doesn't add enough to warrant a purchase outright.

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