No Man's Sky's Growing Galactic Community

Is No Man's Sky truly dead and gone? One year after it's controversial release, the updates from Hello Games and a passionate fanbase believe otherwise.

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Tzuno497d ago

If a game rocks you will see it in top 20 on twitch, if not well it's only in your head, accept it, play it and be done with it.

UnHoly_One497d ago

So there are only 20 good games at any given time, and you base that list solely off of what people like to watch somebody else play?

That makes zero sense.

fr0sty497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I'm trying to like this game, but as of now it's just a bunch of boring grinding. No real challenge, just hunting resources endlessly and dealing with not having enough space to store them. The only real difficulty is making it harder to... hunt resources. I want a challenge that goes beyond gathering and exploring worlds that still lack any real variety. I think they are building a solid foundation that a fun game can be built upon eventually, but as of now it still doesn't quite draw me into the experience for longer than a few minutes.

This game needs a sequel that has planets with actual climates, polar regions, warmer regions, etc. Storms that aren't just an excuse to make it very hot or cold, but actually do rain like hell and sometimes have damaging winds (or winds that make colonizing that planet impossible). I'd like to see some planets that are too hellish to even land on, but still be able to collect resources in its atmosphere and moons. I'd like planets to not seem like they are 5 miles apart, easily visible full size from another planets surface (unlike a real solar system). As close as all those planets are, they should be orbiting each other and constantly smashing into each other. I want life forms that don't look like a 3 year old glued together a bunch of random animal parts and expected them to be able to run, walk, etc. smoothly.

It's a cool concept, but poorly realized.

UltraNova496d ago

Frosty, I agree with everything you said but lets not forget the scale and dev team size who made this game. Look at Star Citizen's dev time, budget and general resource reach and then tell me that Hello Games could create something even remotely close to SC...

Did they over-promissed and underdelivered? Yes they did but look what they did actually do for a dev that size. + they did not give up on it.

Tzuno496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

if the game was that good and catchy to the masses you would see it on twitch front page more often, it has been released not long ago and why it died so fast?

UnHoly_One496d ago

Maybe the type of gamer that likes a game like this doesn't care about streaming, and/or watching somebody else play?

I play games more than anyone else that I know, and the only time I ever watch anything on Twitch is just for a few minutes to see what gameplay of a game looks like if I'm considering buying it. I have no desire to watch Twitch otherwise and would never even know what games are in the top 20.

I play games, I don't watch them.

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cleft5497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Anyhow, I would say that the story for No Man's Sky isn't over yet. So long as the developer keeps working on improving and adding content then its too soon to write it off. Look at FF14, it start out as one of the worse mmo on the market, but the developers didn't give up on it. They listened to their community, took the criticism in as much silence as they could, and worked on fixing and improving their game. Years later FF14 is now one of the best mmos on the market.

The story for No Man's Sky isnt over just yet. When they stop releasing new content then we can say that its over for them. Honestly, I think that they wont stop improving on their game until they have at least lived up to the original intentions. Only time will tell, but its a good sign that these guys are steadily working on and releasing content for free to fix and improve their game.

Obviously, some people will forever hold a grudge, but a lot of other people really are enjoying NMS and looking forward to new content.

KwietStorm497d ago

Thanks for reminding me how refreshing it always is to think for myself. I honestly appreciate it.

chobit_A5HL3Y497d ago

@ tzuno that's not really true at all lol some games are more enjoyable to watch than others.

TheSaint496d ago

That's a really stupid qualifier.

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Duke19497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Dumped a bunch of hours into it after finally picking it up after the last patch (month or two ago) - It did get a bit repetitive for me, but for $30ish I would recommend it. Glad to see they are still trying to keep the fanbase into it

Soulst0rmer497d ago

I really like no man's sky. yeah it has its fair share of problems. but it's also a really cool concept that you can get lost in and just enjoy the exploration. I really think that this game was undercooked and has so much potential. I don't know how the sales are but the company seems to continue to put effort into updates and I like that. It is not often to see Developers continue to support a game that had such a Rocky and rough start. My biggest gripe was that they made collecting species data so much harder than it needed to be. I'm only a few trophies away from the Platinum but it takes forever to find all the species on one planet

MGSmarioPRO497d ago

HB please just put this game in monthly section...

LordofYogurt497d ago

I just reinstalled it and am now playing it again. Holy crap they added a lot and the experience is so much better. Such a chill game. If you want a more hardcore experience the permadeath and survival modes will pull no punches. It's just a good game, can't wait for the future

ONESHOTV2497d ago

The only reason to play this is to test out the mods and nothing more the base game still lacks substance

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