Genre Diversity: Shooters and Action Adventures dominate Playstation-4

Key Highlights:
> Action-Shooter leads with 149 entries with Action-adventure trailing close with 146 entries
> Most releases are action-focused
> Outside of action categories, pure Sports leads with 54 entries and Point-and-Click adventures next with 33 entries

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Babadook7445d ago

"To sum up, not so much genre diversity with Shooters and Action-Adventures ruling the field. As other consoles’ results are not available, it is difficult comment whether the symptom is for PS4 only or consistent through all consoles."

Oh boy. I never would have guessed there would be lots of action adventure games. Or shooters. Seriously this article is a waste of bits. Anyone knows Playstation is about diversity.

mobijoker445d ago

The point was to prove it with hard numbers because mere words do not prove anything and to measure how much dominant the genres are. It is well known fact that shooters and action-adventures are leading from start of 3D era.
Sometimes, you need to verify well-known truths. Other wise, well-circulated news will become truths which is happening now due to all fake news drama.