Playstation Store Update 10/2

GamersPlatform Reports: "This week will be a good one for all Playstation 3 owners as there are a lot of demos that will keep everyone busy before good games start to come out this month. From the demo of the much anticipated Bioshock to downloadable content for Soul Calibur IV, this week is one of the PS3's best weeks when it comes to PS Store updates..."

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway
PES 2009
Eternal Sonata

Full list after the jump!

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HighDefinition3790d ago

This MIGHT drag me away from LBP for a HR.

UltimateIdiot9113790d ago

Yay, Eternal Sonata demo but I would like a mirror's edge demo.

meepmoopmeep3790d ago

ME is coming, but ES will hold us off til then.

i'm uber happy for the Eternal Sonata demo, cause i can only get LBP on Oct. 21.
the demo will hold me off until i pick up the full game.

TheHater3790d ago

now that what I call and Update

BLuKhaos3790d ago

hell yeah,I nearly chocked while drinking my Orange juice when I saw all that content.

red5ive3790d ago

just finished downloading everything in the "background". this update is huge ya?

Neo Nugget3790d ago

No Qore is fail, and it sucks that the SC4 DLC is stuff you can unlock ingame(or CE which I have >.>)

I like that Ironman theme though :D

skynidas3790d ago

It was already said that the Qore episode with Valkyrie Chronicles demo was going to hit in October 9

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The story is too old to be commented.