Top 7 Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4

PS4's library of free-to-play continues to grow. Twinfinite runs through the best of the bunch.

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zcmilano471d ago

Paragon is woefully underrated. It's the best console MOBA imo.

Yukes471d ago

All too often free-to-play just means pay-to-win; can't say I'm interested in any of these titles. If I'm missing out so be it - I like to either pay for great single player experiences or balanced multiplayer games.

gamerpop471d ago

Lots of these games don't feature those sorts of microtransactions.

KwietStorm471d ago

The fact that you won't even try a free game for yourself just shows how bad and outdated that free to play stigma is.

FTLmaster471d ago

Paragon is a lot of fun.

471d ago
Nacho_Z471d ago

Warframe is a very good game that keeps on getting bigger and better. Rock solid gameplay, cool environments, loads to do and it's even got a sense of humour.

himdeel471d ago

I'd cosign Warframe and throw in the consultation prize for Let It Die.

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