Mega Man Boss Maker is Live

Destructoid writes: "A lot of us here are experiencing a retro love fest with the release of Mega Man 9 still looming large. In those precious few moments that we were able to pull our strained eyes away from the game, we took the time to make this handy little tool called the Mega Man Boss Maker.

You can create your own unique Mega Man bosses with all the silly cliches you can think of. More importantly, you can share your creations with your friends, relatives, and animals! Check it out and tell us what you think."

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buckethead_X3788d ago

this will make a few people think you can make your own bosses on MM9...

btw, it's pretty dang hard, but really addictive.

TheTimeDoctor3787d ago

agreed. it fooled me at first. i was quite excited about a user generated mega man.