ButtonMasher: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

ButtonMasher: "The Star Wars movies have been captivating males (and a few chicks) for several decades now. My dad loved the movies when they came out, I loved them when I was old enough and I am sure my son will be introduced to them when he is old enough (ie out of diapers). While in the checkout line at my local supermarket last week I witnessed two kids playing with toy lightsabres. Yes, it is true. Most guys secretly want to be Jedi. It is no surprise then that there have been more games based on the franchise than any other movie (to my knowledge). Unfortunately most of them have been crappy. Some very crappy. So, for all the hype it has received, how does Star Wars: The force Unleashed pan out? I found it very enjoyable, but it is definitely not without its issues."

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