Input Lag Tested: COD vs Battlefield - Which is the Most Responsive FPS?

Input lag - it's a crucial factor in defining the 'feel' of a game, and especially important for gameplay in the first-person shooter genre. Right now, two franchise giants battle it out for supremacy in this key market: Call of Duty and Battlefield. Which offers the fastest, most responsive controls? And in turn, how to do they compare with other key titles in this most competitive of genres?

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As much as I'm not a Call of Duty fan anymore I do have to say it's very impressive. They have the lowest input lag as well as always targeting 60 frames a second

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Relientk771423d ago

I've never had trouble with input lag in Call of Duty games. They're definitely on point there

Apocalypze1423d ago

Of course battlefield would have some lag, battlefield is like 3x the size of Call of Duty