Rainbow Six: Vegas will still launch with the European PS3

Around wednesday midnight GMT, Sony finally released the European launch details. They also released a huge list of launch titles, including system sellers like MotorStorm, Resistance, Virtua Fighter 5 and SPlinter Cell: Double Agent. Unfortunately, one title didn't show up: Rainbow Six Vegas. Was it delayed? Or did Sony just forget about Vegas?

It seems Sony just forget about Vegas. The dutch PLAYSTATION 3-website PS3 Only contacted Ubisoft Netherlands and they told 'em that Rainbow Six Vegas will still launch simultaniously with the PLAYSTATION 3 itself, on March 23rd.

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r10005220d ago

yea i agree... these fanatics treat that system like a girlfriend....

Rooted_Dust5220d ago

The Rainbow6 games have been on the decline since R6:2. They used to be a respectable Strategic Tactical Shooter. Now they're just another action game.

Grown Folks Talk5220d ago

is good. i think it's more of the fact that it's hard to find the right people to play a tactical game. los of [email protected] that just like to run around willy nilly and rank up because they play with good people on their team.

THAMMER15220d ago

I have a good time with it. My wife even plays. The only complaints I hear are from Noobs and people that are all around lame at tactical shooters.

Euro PS3 owners should be happy that this is a launch title. Maybe you use the tilty stick to cover. Hmm.

And calling out N4G members will not solve the problem it will only make it worse DR. GRIMM. Don’t start none wont be none.

DR GRIM5220d ago

cnet did a prizefight for the two formats
also another program on the two formats on the adult industry
you have to look through the playlist
quite intresting

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