Dragon Quest X Looks Colorful on PS4 Pro, PS4 and Nintendo Switch; Watch Ten Hours of the Beta

Dragon Quest X's beta on PS4 and Switch has started, and the game looks rather shiny, despite its age.

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PhoenixUp1956d ago

Sometimes I wonder why Final Fantasy XI catches any flak at all for being an MMO, especially when it's a great one that released worldwide, while Dragon Quest X gets a pass, especially when it looks unlikely to ever leave Japan.

wonderfulmonkeyman1955d ago

Maybe there's a difference in mechanics that leaves XI feeling like it's doing something worse?

PhoenixUp1954d ago

Nope FFXI was well received

TheColbertinator1956d ago

Tried to see how I could play DQX on the Wii a few years back but I needed a Japanese credit card and Japanese IP address. Bummer.

Relientk771956d ago

"Dragon Quest XI, which is probably going to sell in the gazillions in Japan"

Seems legit :-)

DivineAssault 1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I didnt know DQ X was on PS4.. I wonder if this will make its way to the US

thatguyhayat1955d ago

My thoughts exactly. Didnt know till now

Segata1955d ago

No. Square has made it pretty clear X will not come to the west. I'm a DQ fan but after playing it on PC a coule years ago. I'm not too broken up about it not coming west. It was pretty mediocre.

DivineAssault 1954d ago

So we get all the others except 10? Strange decision but if it not all that oh well.. Its an mmo anyway

drunkenspy0071955d ago

If it doesn't come over to NA, why even tease it here?

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