The Long Dark is leaving Early Access: Launch Trailer and New Screens

The Long Dark will officially release on 1 August 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after spending three years on Steam Early Access. Hinterland Studio have already detailed some of their update plans that will accompany the official release

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CitizenFour2134d ago

Stoked for this!
Bought it years ago on steam. When it came to early access on xbox, I bought it again to have the couch experience.
Looking forward to the story mode after a long and hopefully worth it wait. Awesome that all early access supporters get the first two episodes free as well.

meka26112134d ago

Same here, definitely glad it's done.

CitizenFour2134d ago

Timing is great too, because theres not much else being released at the moment.

CrimzonRazor2134d ago

Got bored with sandbox will be nice to have the long awaited story mode.

Nesflix2134d ago

Congratulations to the only game to have ever left Early Access. I never thought I'd see the day. It's more common to see a shooting star than to witness a game leave Early Access.

Of course I kid.

But it certainly feels that way. I'm looking at you DayZ.

meka26112134d ago

Well at least on xbox they have had a couple leave early access, IE elite dangerous, and ark, but I agree it always takes so damn long. I don't think dayz will ever come out, and when it does it will be irrelavent.