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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII had a big legacy to fill when it was released. A hotly anticipated story and a prequel to what is still arguably the most popular Final Fantasy game even 20 years after its release, Final Fantasy VII was critically and commercially acclaimed and Crisis Core had big expectations.

As a successor and prequel to Final Fantasy VII’s legacy, Crisis Core can absolutely hold its own. With a cast of memorable characters and an expansive plot, it serves as an appropriate backstory to VII but becomes so much more than that. The greatest pitfall in making Crisis Core was the risk of creating a game that was merely a clone of VII, and instead, Crisis Core was able to take on a life all its own.

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KingKelloggTheWH448d ago

While I enjoyed the game I feel it didn't mesh well with the original game plotwise. This may just be due to tone or the retcons though.

On its own, it is pretty great though.

ccgr448d ago

This game made me cry

PhoenixUp448d ago

There should be a port of this game on consoles. Then we can play all of Hajime Tabata's games on a big screen