A New Alice Game Might Happen if American McGee's Kickstarter Project Is Successful

Sirus Gaming reports: A lot of fans were struck when American McGee cited that he will not be able to develop any sequels, remake, and/or spin-offs until Electronic Arts, the game's publisher, will give him the go-signal to do it.

However, that might change if American McGee's Kickstarter project, a table-top card game called Out of the Woods, will be a huge success.

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Kribwalker1221d ago

Holding us hostage for a new Alice game, that sucks

Palomeski1220d ago

Out of The Woods looks awesome. And quite cheap. I hope it helps McGee regain EA's interest. Alice: MR was a great adventure.

Void0001220d ago

One of the better - dare I say underrated - games of last generation.

dragongod641219d ago

Yes for Alice no for card

rezzah1219d ago

Perhaps yes for the book?

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