Battlefield 5 – New Part of The Shooter Series For 2018 Announced

US Colossal CEO Andrew Wilson talked about some of the games currently being developed with the Frostbite Engine , and the name of the DICE shooter (software house owned by the powerful graphics engine) appears among them. A hypothetical Battlefield 5 , therefore, is expected by next year.

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Jinryo543d ago

Hope it's gonna be Bad Company 3.

Team_Litt542d ago

Lol don't do that to yourself. Bad Company is gone forever. 🙁

Crazyglues541d ago

Why the hell didn't they just Remaster Bad Company 2... EA has to be the dumbest game company ever, Bad Company 2 Remaster does 11 to 14 million easy and only takes 3 months to re-master, could have been out with Star-Wars this year.... 2017

Guess they hate making tons of money for there stock holders... Unbelievable...

andrewsquall541d ago

Put that alongside Need for Speed Underground 3 (I personally think the series is thrash but the donkey masses of the early noughties know what they like) and Skate 4 as the dumbest cash machines that EA just bizarrely don't want to invest in.
Yeah another garbage, story based, Frostbite NFS game just like NFS The Runs is what everyone asked for.

KillBill541d ago

@Crazyglues - that is a bold prediction seeing that all Bad Company games combined have only done 10 million.

vickers500541d ago

There was an article a while back with someone asking them to remaster bf3, and they basically gave the answer that they don't do remasters, and even if they did, they'd remaster bf4 (even though that was the newest entry).

The impression I got is that they actually believe they're the type of company that are above that sort of thing. But they've unfortunately held true to their word.

SolidStoner541d ago

well the best thing would be to make ALL previous maps of battlefield games REMASTERED and playable in supported Hardcore mode... imagine Multiplayer remaster for BF 1942, Vietnam, BF2, BF1943, BF BC, BF BC2, BF3, and BF4 maps, combined with ALL the guns.. that game would sell better than anything!

off course they will make arcade shooter for kids instead, internet will be angry and sales will be as always lower or the same... because EA is too blind and none of them are gamers!

SuperbVillain541d ago

Why though? I see your comment and i see all the agrees you have...why is there a general feeling that badcompany is gone forever? I loved badcompany 2 that,was the prime of my competive gaming. I made so many friends at the midnight release and getting into the beta still felt kind of special back then. Would be such a shame if they dont bring the serries back

majedx9541d ago

BF4 is good just hope EA do something about the servers cunts " you cannot use this weapon 🤓if you do I will kick you out"

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boomtube1987541d ago

I hope its modern day. Im done with future and past wars.

Vlaitor541d ago

I mean, BF4 and BF3 fills the gap quite nicely, even Hardline... The last 3 installments are modern shooters.

boomtube1987541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

@Vlaitor yeh and BF4 was good. I want a Free For All and Gun mastery game mode back. I want better close quarter emphasis built to play on those game mode. Battlefield need to build a battlefield for large and small scale warfare. Start getting out of its comfort zone.

morganfell541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

"...BF4 was good"

BF4 was good 6 months or so after launch. That rubberbanding/connection issue persisted on every platform for 6 months or more. I remember 2 months in EA stating there would be no more DLC until the issue was resolved and then they continued to promote China Rising while the problem still existed. The DLC launched and we still had the problem for more than 4 months. Yes eventually the game was tight but what they did with BF4 was inexcusable.

Also they would launch overpowered weapons for the early adopters. This made everyone run out and purchase the new guns. Then later they would nerf those same guns when they went they could introduce new weapons that were overpowered.

gums007541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Boomtube1987- Then when they make a modern one, you will be done with that too right? Millenials i tell ya...

Also, If you want free for all and gun mastery mode back, just go play any cod game. You don't seem like the battlefield type player if that's what you crave in a shooter.

narsaku541d ago

Where have you been the last 10 years? Modern is ALL we've seen.

At this point I'm ready to see COD/BF die and someone come up with a new friggen idea for once.

subtenko541d ago

isnt that COD modern warfare? Or was that series not based on the now?

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Vegamyster541d ago

They gave such a dumb reason 2 or 3 years ago why they haven't made it yet, basically they don't know why people enjoyed them. I don't know, a fun campaign & slower but tight multiplayer battles where destruction plays a big role in the game is pretty straight forward lol.

InTheZoneAC541d ago

pretty sure the destruction in bad company was better than it was in 3 or 4, and I remember wondering why are they talking about destruction in these games when it was better in BC...

Vegamyster540d ago

BF3 had virtually none and only the only map in BF4 that had destruction like in BC2 was Golmud Railway.

NarooN541d ago

Nah. No guarantee they wouldn't muck it up. EA admitted in an interview several years ago that the reason we never got a BC3 is because pretty much all the creative directors and talents responsible for those two games left DICE after BC2 came out.

SolidGear3541d ago

That's what I've been waiting for!

D3TH_D33LR541d ago

Prepare for butthurt then.

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seanpitt23543d ago

I am guessing it's going to be called battlefield 2 and will be set in the ww2 era which will be better than ww1 due to the more advanced guns and tanks etc..

JEECE542d ago

The problem is there is already a Battlefield 2 (it came out 2005ish and was really the start of the wave of modern combat games). Battlefield 1944 would make a lot more sense as a name.

CrimzonRazor542d ago

It would have to have a different name

_-EDMIX-_541d ago

Not really.

They could call it Battlefield 2 in simply have a subtitle of 2018 in regards to an asterix when seen in an archive, trust me it's not as serious as you might think, you're also talking about a game that released well over 12 years ago.

Mind you for all you know it could be called Battlefield 2 (subtitle)

EazyC541d ago

I think BF 1 is too close to WWII already (let's be real, it's a VERY sophisticated reimagining of WWI) to justify that.

CrimzonRazor541d ago

They will not resuse 2, if they were going that route they would simply call it battlefield WWII.

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