On duty policeman caught playing a PSP

Two East London policemen were recently photographed whilst thoroughly engrossed in an unspecified PSP football game. The passing builder who took the photograph claimed that they were completely oblivious to what was going on around them.

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CyberSentinel5217d ago told the name of that complainant.

specialguest5217d ago

my brother is a Dallas Cop and i can actually imagine him playing his PSP or DS while on patrol. lol. he actually plays his video games at the station prior to suiting up and being on duty.

Shadow Flare5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

would have been worse if he'd been caught playing GTA: Vice City Stories

RedSoakedSponge5212d ago

Thats wat i like to see! lol the cops doing wat is most important hahaha. RSS