How Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 and Electronics Have Pushed Sony's Stock to Nine-Year Highs

The turnaround under CEO Kaz Hirai is taking shape, and the recent box-office boost from Spidey is icing on the cake.

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Apocalypse Shadow503d ago

Kaz is running a tight ship. He was groomed and is a great successor for running Sony. Hope to see the company continue to design and release innovative products instead of watching other companies release products that Sony should have capitalized on but were too slow to move under previous leadership.

Also good to see PS4 adding to their winning strategy. Would like to see them use their leading sensor technology and their software companies like Softkinetic, in improving PSVR interaction and making gaming in VR even better than it already is.

badz149502d ago

if only they could make their TVs cost a little bit less. these are not flagship TVs I'm talking about but those mid-rage ones. why can't they make it just a little bit cheaper like Samsung and LG. having cheaper TVs doesn't mean you can't have those high-end ones selling at a premium. Samsung and LG have proven this. those mid-range TVs from Sony are top-notch but they cost a little too much compared to other brands in the same range. I went with Samsung for my 3DTV 1080p plasma last gen and I wanted to upgrade to one of those nice midrange 4KTV by Sony but in the end I went with the cheaper LG.

Apocalypse Shadow502d ago

I know what you're saying. It would be nice if some of their products were cheaper. Problem I guess they have is that if they release cheaper TVs and those TVs aren't considered Sony's best quality, it could hurt the brand and sales. It's a catch 22 they put themselves in.

Would have to be some bang up marketing to pull it off.

PhoenixUp503d ago

Kaz Hirai's leadership is truly Sony's saving grace

DeadSilence503d ago

Curious to see last quarter results, Kaz made Sony Great Again!

Bathyj503d ago

Great work. As a kid of the 80s growing up with Walkmans and Trinitron tv's it's good to see this turn around. Sony has always stood for quality so while they might not be the cheapest they are always up there with the best and I hope there is always a place for them.

Good read, except for this. "last year, the failure of Ghostbusters was a big shock to everyone," It was a shock to no one. I'm glad it failed. Don't do that again. Nearly everything else, stay the course Kaz, you're doing super.

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The story is too old to be commented.