Proof that SCE made an english version of AFRIKA

Remember few days ago when Sony Cameras revealed at the Photokina photography fair in Cologne (Germany) through an english trailer that AFRIKA should be hitting Europe in 2009? SCE has debunked it early this week, but sure it seems that they are trying to cover it : French site LesNumeriques has captured a gameplay video during the event from the english version of AFRIKA.

Is SCE trying to cover it to surprise everyone at TGS 2008?

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Lucreto3791d ago

Lets hope they do release it in Europe and the US.

UltimateIdiot9113791d ago

I want this game preferably on disc.

nbsmatambo3791d ago

the game does sound cool, hope it releases on either PSN or disk for like $30 or less

deeznuts3791d ago

If it's in english, I don't care if they release it in Timbuktu or butfookegypt, I'll import it no region coding for most games, memba?


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drdre743791d ago

yeah as slow paced as this game is for some reason i want to get it.

VF34EJ253791d ago

Same here. It's one of those weird games where I see myself just playing for hours almost without purpose.

However, the main reason I want this game is so my niece and nephew could watch. They are amazed by animals and nature shows, so this one is a definite buy for my family.

Owner360-PS33791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I agree with ultimateidiot, unless the game is at least 15-20 dollars less from the disc version i wont buy anything from psn for the same price as the disc version.

sinncross3791d ago

Is SCE trying to cover it to surprise everyone at TGS 2008?

Not at all why would Sony announce an English version of a game at an event that is meant to gain exposure to the Japanese public.

Yes the proliferation of globalisation means we can interact with the news from another part of the world, but this is an event held in Japan to appeal to the Japanese market. We'll get an English announcement for Afrika at E3 09 latest.

CViper3791d ago

Dialogue and Email is in Japanese.

its a good game, i figured there wouldn't be *much* of a story to get into. So I just stuck around until I could figure out what I needed to do.

The game looks better as you progress on. Sunsets to die for, and great lighting.

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The story is too old to be commented.