Ninety per cent of DS owners can't be bothered to go online

Figures just released by Nintendo suggest that take-up of the company's Wi-Fi Connection service for DS remains low, with only one in ten players trying it out.

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PS360WII5425d ago

Why Nintendo doesn't think online is a big thing. Here we have the fastest selling videogame system out there. With multiple games that sell well over a million copies and yet hardly anyone goes online. They just want to play the game. So yea Go Nintendo!

BIadestarX5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Most people don't play online because they don't know what they are missing. Besides the DS is a mobile device, that most people (as myself) use while on the subway or the bus. I have an xbox 360 at home and an OK PC with fast internet connection. Technically you need wifi to play online which means you have to be at home and if I am home I will not play with the DS I rather play with my PC or over xbox live. Besides not all games have online support on the DS and there is no way to make new friends, when playing online you know there is a person in the other line but there is no way to communicates, it's like playing alone. I rather to play DS with my friends when they are next to me. Now for consoles it's a big difference since for the most part connectivity it's alwasy available. I don't think online features for handhelds it's worth having. Just my opinion.

Boink5425d ago

for online there is 2 places to go, PC, or 360.

the rest is just useless.

ChickeyCantor5425d ago

playing all kinds of games against others are worth playing online.

evry game that has multiplayer should give you the freedom to play with others over the world.