Dead Rising 4 Still Hasn’t Shipped Over 1 Million Copies; New Street Fighter V Figures Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "The bomb of Dead Rising 4 continues to get worse as another quarter passes without it reaching 1 million copies, and keeping it's title for worst sold Dead Rising game in the main series."

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WasimAkram1427d ago ShowReplies(18)
ElementX1427d ago

A different studio developed this and they made too many changes. I liked the previous games but this didn't interest me.

TheGamersGhost1427d ago

Did start to feel like they were aiming to go in a very "Saints Row" direction. A lot about DR4 turned me off and I've been waiting for it to make the inevitable drop to $10 so I can at least quell my curiosity.

Telgou11427d ago

why bother funding a shitty game. the game is cracked

obidanshinobi1427d ago

3 was the better game.
DR4 is alright, it kinda drops off after you leave the Mall.

DiceAndRice1427d ago

I think 3 was a drop from the original games but at least it didn't take pretty much everything away from Dead Rising that made it good. Dead Rising 4 was just terrible for everyone, fans and casuals who wanted to just kill zombies, even that sucked.

WilliamSheridan1426d ago

You leave the mall in like an hour lol...

Kornholic1427d ago

That's their fault for not releasing it on PS4.

TheRealTedCruz1427d ago

If this comes to the PS4 and does significantly better, then all that is is an example of when the Playstation audience were the biggest consumers of trash content.

"Buh buh buh. They deserve this for not releasing on my little plastic box of choice!!!"
Oh get a grip lol

1427d ago
Kornholic1427d ago

The biggest buyers of trash are the Xbox One owners. You know, because Xbox One is garbage.

TheRealTedCruz1426d ago

And trash comments get upvoted here on N4G all the time.
Find a better personality.

As for you, Korn
An obviously intelligent comment from an equally intelligent person :)

Bluemaster771427d ago

It's mainly to do with the quality of the game not about its platforms. Strange that you ignored that

ONESHOTV21427d ago

Kornholic--- so you would buy even if the game was trash? lol you must be thirsty for some thing to play use your money wisely dude don't buy every game that's released because i know once you find out it's trash then you are going to be the one that's pissed

Kornholic1427d ago

Nah, man. Unlike Xbox One players, I've grown accustomed to quality games. Increasing the potential customer base by releasing Dead Rising 4 on the PS4, they would've easily sold well over a milliom copies.

modelgod1427d ago

As to their fault for not releasing SF5 on the Xbox 1. It makes sense to release SF5 on a console with the best online, and the greatest gamers. I mean, that was a no brainer!!

1427d ago
Channel-Live1426d ago

So you're saying that trash sells on PS4?

Saijahn1426d ago

Wasn't it supposed to come to PS4?

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FallenAngel19841427d ago

You know what has crossed the million mark? The Last Guardian

So is Dead Rising 4 ever going to be ported to PS4? How long is that timed exclusivity going to last?

DiceAndRice1427d ago

I mean, who even wants Dead Rising 4 on PS4 anyway?

Channel-Live1426d ago

According to these comments...PS4 Fanboys. They want trash to play since there's nothing coming out until August

SirBradders1426d ago

As of June the last guardian has sold over a million units and that's not including digital. That article is almost a year old.

81BX1427d ago

Well it should have passed the 1 mil Mark. Sony fans have been clamoring for that game for years add in the number of ps4's sold I hope it sold over 1mil. As for dr4 it was a mediocre game. No surprise at it's #s. Dr3 was better imo

EatCrow1427d ago

No need. I doubt dead rising 4 will move to ps4. But if it does I sure as hell hope it doesnt sell so well considering its not really good.

We'd be sending the companies the wrong message.

Gamist2dot01426d ago

Only if there's a remake because the current one removed some of the aesthetics that makes Dead Rising Dead Rising.

Trilithon1426d ago

The Last Guardian was an original work of art. cant compare it to the 4th version of an already repetitive game.

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