Gears of War falls from top ten (UK)

For the first time since its domestic release, triple-million seller Gears of War has now finally dropped from the top ten UK all formats charts, currently placing 13th as a new chart begins to form.

Keeping the 360 respectably represented within the top ten however is Capcom's Lost Planet Extreme Condition, which after debuting at the top spot on its week of release has now fallen to second place as a result of a strong entry from PC MMO World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, which sits atop the chart like in the same manner that a burly king would sit at a feast.

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General5215d ago

Who cares I still love it.

Caxtus7505215d ago

...and enters the japan top 10.

BIadestarX5215d ago

Do people expect this game to continue selling #1 for ever? Eventually who ever want it will have it.

uxo225215d ago

It's no surprise that Gears dropped out of the top 10. However it is a surprise as to some of the games that are actually in the top ten. At least have of them I would have considered. The beauty of culture.