Gaming Nexus: Rock Band 2 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Rock Band was an unbelievable hit and ushered in a new era for music games. To play as a full band is an awesome experience and to be able to do it online enabled those without access to all the instruments to participate in a full band as well. It was inevitable that Harmonix would produce a sequel and it didn't seem that long ago that the first game came out. Now, Rock Band 2 is upon us and let me say if you enjoyed the first game the second one should keep you busy rocking the night away as well.

Let's get away with the basics as I'm pretty sure a great deal of you know about the first game and what it entails. Rock Band 2 lets you play one of four parts in a musical Simon says type game with the more successive notes you hit, the higher you score will be. Throughout the game, you'll be able to build up Overdrive whereby activating it via tilting the guitar, yelling into the mic at a certain time, or doing the drum fill, will multiply your score even greater. Overdrive can also be used to save people that have failed their part of the song so you can keep playing. The basic gameplay hasn't changed at all so expect the same with brand new songs as well as old songs."

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