PSP Leads Japanese Hardware In 2008

Gamasutra writes, the PSP has been the best selling hardware platform in Japan for the first half of the fiscal year, from April to September, according to new sales data from Famitsu magazine publisher Enterbrain.

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eagle213791d ago

PSP is giving DS major competition. As expected, the 360 is dead last. It will get worse for Microsoft as PS3 gets White Knight Story this Holiday. Nintendo is leading the home systems with Wii. :)

eagle213791d ago

PSP is king so far. The Wii leads home consoles. As expected, 360 is dead last. ;)

King Kaz3791d ago

The PerfectionStation brand is better than ever! The Blu-Ray of Death is gaining more power with each passing moment! And The Cell is fully under our control! I think Emperor Kutaragi, Lord Yoshida and I deserve a long vacation for our hard work!

May The Cell be with you, my Sony Soldiers!


eagle213791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Good to see ya man. :)

King Kaz3791d ago

Greetings eagle21, my Sony Soldier! May The Cell be with you!


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3790d ago

@King Kaz

Our dominance of the flop box brand has been absolute.With White Knight Chronicles arriving as the true next-gen RPG,the xbots will be eliminated by Christmas

LarVanian3790d ago

Nice to see you again Kaz.
The Bots are becoming weak now. They were once a grand army but now they are a bunch of failures. For example: pp, the Fart and Power of grief.
Lets finish them off once and for all! lol

TheColbertinator3790d ago

I guess the Sony heads all forgot to show up for work today XD

theKiller3790d ago

its been long time!!
how was ur vacation?? time to get on the killing spree and finish off MS once and for all!!

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Silogon3791d ago

PSP is such an amazing handheld and it's a shame developers didn't give in to it's strengths more. I haven't seen 1 new IP on the PSP. I can't remember the last time a game was made just for the psp without it being established as a franchise elsewhere 1st on a console.

It's stupid. PSP should've had it's own games made for it. It has the power to run ps2 games so they opted to do rush port jobs in most cases. It's a shame.

Ratchet & Clank

And countless others are all great games, but preestablished franchises and that is a shame. We needed more rpg's on the system and more original content. All there is to it.

sajj3163791d ago

Agreed! The only problem with the PSP is that it had almost PS2 power so it was an ideal candidate for PS2 ports. I am happy with Level 5 and Square Enix's support for the platform. I just hope more publishers see the light and make new and innovative titles for the machine.

CrazzyMan3791d ago


Square alone justifies PSP purchase in 2009.

Not to mention 2 new Level 5 games:
Ushiro -
Cardboard Senki

And here additional 4 games:

What you say, can say ONLY that, who has NO idea about what is going on PSP and what games are coming.

The only THING, that TRASH developers stoped creating games for PSP, since TRASH doesn`t sell on PSP. While games with score 7-8, come on PSP every month.

season0073791d ago

porting PS2 game to PSP, or creating sequels,prequels can guarantee to sell games on it...BUT

This makes developers less willing to put new IP on it as they can surely create a better game on PS2/PS3 first then port it over to the PSP... PSP is a big market but the chance of having great games like Monster Hunter being ported back to consoles(o well it ended up at Wii..) is rare

Silogon3791d ago

I'm getting all these disagrees and for what? Everything I said was the truth. Everthing. You all tell me where in my post I went wrong and got off on speculation.

Please, tell me.

I haven't seen 1 game on the psp made just for the psp. A new franchise just for the psp. Every game is a pre-existing francise. Always. Final Fantasy, Killzone, Metal Gear, God of War, Daxter, syphon filter, castlevaina,silent hill, Ratchet and clank, and the list goes on and on and on. None of those are original IP. They might be original games for the PSP but the franchises are already established before hand on the ps1 and ps2.

Szarky3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


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Tacki3791d ago

It's nice to see the PSP doing so well in Japan. Monster Hunter no doubt helped push the sales beyond that of the DS.

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