X360: Prince of Persia Preview

Just as the caterpillar, tired of crawling the earth on its belly weaves a cocoon to emerge a beautiful floating butterfly, Ubisoft's already quite breathtaking Assassin's Creed Engine has now spent 18 months being converted to fresh Middle Eastern terrain, and is truly a sight to behold. The lack of a colon in this latest adventure represents many changes to the Prince Of Persia formula, ranging from minor tinkering to, well, 'egad!'. Sadly his whiny, for some reason all-American timbre, means that colon might reappear sliding down Arabian mountainsides but hey, you can always turn the volume down.

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himdeel3792d ago

...if they still have a crappy voice actor for what "looks" to be an amazing game. I know there will be subtitles and this will be the first time I make certain they are on :(