Confessions of a hardcore gamer

The latest SOCOM game strikes fear into the heart of a G&M game reporter who once briefly obsessed over the first game in the series. From the story:

"....[SOCOM] attracts players who are willing to rearrange their lives in order to make clan matches, who play regularly enough that they end up getting to know team mates scattered across continents as well as their friends next door, and who often find themselves playing red-eyed and hungry at four in the morning.

I can write with confidence on this subject because, when the first SOCOM was released six years ago, I became just such a player. It was my first--and to date only--real experience with belonging to a video game clan. I had no idea that within me resided such propensity for obsession. There were days during which all I could think about was finishing whatever I was doing so that I could hop back online.

Thankfully, my job as a reviewer forced me to move on to other games after just a few weeks, but even now I occasionally find myself unwittingly daydreaming of specific events that took place in those matches...."

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PimpHandStrong3788d ago

the good ole days

Get my San Diego clan in the room and take them on with my Chicago clan! Good times!

i even created a myspace page just for Socom! I no longer use it

James Vanderbeek3788d ago

its my first socom.. Im in the beta and it tight