Lost Odyssey Preview by 360 Gamer

Final Fantasy creator and legendary game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi is now working full-time on his next 360 RPG, having already completed the production of Blue Dragon. We've taken the latest demo of Lost Odyssey for a spin. Mistwalker's recently released playable preview of Lost Odyssey begins with an epic scene of battle between human and robotic armoured soldiers on an open plain. The volume of bodies and number of weapons on show actually bears similarity to Ninety-Nine Nights, but technically, Odyssey is a few notches above N3. The detail and hi-res textures applied to each of the soldiers is hugely impressive, and the environment – a muddy battlefield flanked by distant mountains under a foreboding grey sky – is equally overwhelming. The camera pans and cuts as though it's a real action scene, being filmed by real cameramen and guided by a living director...

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Lex Luthor5227d ago

IMHO i'm glad it is, turn-based system suits this game i think. I can't imagine this game having FF12's disatarous combat system.

Grown Folks Talk5227d ago

jade empire combat system. i just prefer to get whupped because i make a mistake, not because the computer decides i "missed". just me though.