Wii Speak Channel Coming Next month

Kotaku writes:

"You didn't think the Wii Speak microphone was only for Animal Crossing, did you? No, Nintendo announced today at their press conference in San Francisco that an all-new Wii Speak Channel will arrive in North America on November 16th, allowing up to four friends who've exchanged Friend Codes to chat with one another."

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jay23788d ago

Cool for babies and newbie gamers.

ChickeyCantor3788d ago

So basically you are saying Ps3 voice chat function is cool for babies and niewbie gamers too?

pwnsause3788d ago

i think was hes saying is, its your first time.

PeterGriffinSays3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I mean, look at the thing! It looks like its for n00bs.

PS3 and 360 have awesome voice chat function. This wii chat bull**** looks like it was made for people who wear helmets and lick windows.

ChickeyCantor3788d ago

Userinterfaces SHOULD BE EASY.
There is no point in making stuff that is difficult to use for the consumers.

You people are so f*cking narrow minded.
its just a mic add-on so you can talk to others, what more do you want from it?

Voiceofreason3788d ago

It is always amusing to see noobs talking about what noobs should be playing. Headsets are so 90's time to grow up and get with the times.. Oh wait you cant do that..Sony didnt tell you to do it and you cant make that kind of decision on your own...

Final_Rpg3788d ago


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ape0073788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

wii speak?

speak about what?

[email protected] crossing,crappy kiddy wiiware stuff,carnaval games

on ps3\360 we talk about competion,heat,resistance,flyi ng heads in gear s,cod 4,doing stratigy in warhawk,how to blow sh!t up in gta 4,sneaking in mgo,burning rubber in paradise,,recommend friend about hot nextgen games,dissing a friend about how many achievements\trophies I have

I mean...wii speak is a great,great idea in theory,but in front of a wii,it becomes crap like the rest,maybe the conduit will ease the pain a bit

DanteLinkX3788d ago

You are sooooo cool sir :O, how come j00r mom allows you to talk about such MATURE THINGS wooow, I can even dream about talking with my friends about flying heads and doing bloody stuff :D, man I want to be like you and be all mature and cool... but.... I see that gives u -1 in bubbles here, I guess I am not the only one that wants to shup you up. -1 Bubbles son and +1 disagree.

What I find funny, is that most people that play online, almost always shut up the lil "mature n cool" kids like you(who aren't even 18 yet), and sometimes don't even wear a headset, if you have ever played a halo 3 match online you will see how inmature people can be, they just try too hard to be "mature", like that gives them cool points. Sight. =S

ChickeyCantor3788d ago


...I'm ashamed of you XD. doesn't matter what Nintendo does its all bad..
Honestly i was a bit dissapointed about some stuff from this conference but sh/t you guys keep crying.

ape0073788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

hey,you think am nintendo hater?

I grew up with nintendo,nes,snes,n64,GC(it was lacking but it has its defining games,resi 4,sms,eternal darkness,the first metroid since snes,smash melle,double dash is awesome not crappy like mk wii)

and keep in mind that n64 has the greatest games ever released ever,mario 64,oot,mm,banjo,goldeneye,perf ect dark(greatest fps ever imo),body harvest,turok1,2,rayman 2,f-zero x and much much more,I just don't want to fill the page with all the classics

but really the wii(overall)sucks so bad,smg was one the best games I played this gen and I finished it 2 times the second 1 with luigi

but in everything else,the wii is nothing compared to ps3\360,if you don't get that,then you are blinded by the big N

ChickeyCantor3788d ago

in your views yes,
I have a PS3, and didn't touch after the first day i got it.

PS3/360 might feature more stuff, but doesn't mean i like the games.

So now i'm blinded by N?
Because i have a different view on things?

My comment to you was, that even if Nintendo tries you guys bash them in to the ground. Nothing is ok no matter what they do.
Take things as they are hating it is pointless. you will only miss out.

Wii-speak is a nice add-on doesn't mean im getting it.

ape0073788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

"I have a PS3,and didn't touch after the first day i got it"

man,is that true,really tell me,are you joking?,was that for real?


uncharted,mgs4,gta 4,warhawk,cod 4,unreal 3,lbp,resistance,ms,hevenly sowrd,etc......,etc....

if you truly do that then you are a caual gamer,or an extreem fanboy

I've never seen anything like that in my whole life,I know many guys just faints when they just mention ps3,trying to collect thier hard earned cash to buy it

please tell me,what do you like on the wii except for smg zelda and metroid,tell me

Voiceofreason3788d ago

You should sale it Sidar like I did with mine. Its over rated crap that only the lowest of the gene pool seem to be happy with. AS far as Ape goes. Kinda obvious he is a hater. Notice though that everyone that constantly bashes Nintendo, always claims to have been a long time Nintendo fan. They think that it excuses their blind hate if they claim to at one point backed Nintendo. Sadly though you can tell from what he claims is his experience with Nintendo that he has never supported them.

ape0073788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

guys please tell me

do you REALLY,REALLY love nintendo TODAY

one defending them blindly and the other is saying am a hater

lol @ both of you,now it truly appears that you both aren't nintendo fans,you are the NEW nintendo fans

let me ask,have you played body harvest?
mario 64?
zelda oot/mm?
star fox 64?
shadow man?
conker:bad fur day?
turok 2?
perfect dark?
banjo kazooie\tooei?
donky kong country?
donkey kong country 2?
blast corpse?
jet force gimini?
sin and punishment 1(sequel announced today)?
star wars:roug squadron 1 on n64,2 and 3 on gc?
beetle adventure racing?
donky kong 64
star wars:shadow of the empire\racer
duke 64\zero hour?
doom 64?
paper mario 64\thousand year door on gc?
mario kart 64\double dash on gc?
1080 snowboarding?
earthworm jim 1/2?
resi 4?
xtream g 1/2?
the world is not enough?
diddy kong racing?
super mario world?
a link to the past?
yoshi's story?

and more

if you don't see that nintendo sucks today,then you are both BLINDED



Voiceofreason3788d ago

I openly admit to not being a fanboy of any console or system. I follow the games. Sad that you try to spin this around like only someone that loves Nintendo would say they are complete garbage today. BTW copy and pasting a list of old Nintendo games doesnt mean you support them. ITs pretty obvious that you are a Sony only gamer trying to disguise your hate by claiming to be a N fan and coming up with some extremely stupid points also.. I mean seriously dude read what you wrote again. If you support NItnendo you would be hating them too.. Why? Hey if they dont offer what I Like I find it on another console or the PC. I dont cry about it like a 4 year old. WHatever you want out of gaming if its not on Wii its on another console. STop crying and trolling and just move on. I sold my PS3 because I considered it complete garbage. That means I no longer go to Sony news and complain. Maybe if I were 12 but as an adult I learned that crying over things I cant change solves nothing. One day I hope you mature enough to learn that as well. IF you want to waste your time talking about a console you dont support go right ahead but your life must be pretty pathetic if the best thing you can find to do with your time is to talk about something you obviously cant stand

ChickeyCantor3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

"if you truly do that then you are a caual gamer,or an extreem fanboy "

Again, because i have different taste I'm a fanboy?
I have been gaming since i was 4, in november ill be 21.
I love games who the hell are you to call me a "casual" gamer?
I bet im more "hardcore"(seriously do you guys even realise how pathetic that sounds, but in this case ill just use it to talk on your caliber) than you will ever be.

I Love games, and you pretend Nintendo's games are bad now.

Because i love colourfull stuff and non of the GREY GoW bullshit filled with blood doesn't make me a "casual" gamer.
Why the hell is it so that inorder to be a hardcore gamer you need to love all the over the top cliche hollywood games(not tlaking movie-wise taking production-wise?) and BS HD gfx.
The only reason im holding on to PS3 is for LBP.
Because those are the games that i like, but to call me a casual gamer?

No no, don't get me wrong i would love to play FF13, i would love to play the next valkyrie profile, i would love to play MGS 2 and after that MGS4( skipping MGS3) but seriously because i have a different view on games and my taste is different from yours im a casual gamer?

Seriously take that "hardcore" sh/t and shove it up your ass.
all this HARDCORE VS CASUAL bullsh/t is really getting annoying.

Nintendo ALWAYS made games in a way so in hope anyone would play them,
They have always been like that! But userinterfaces are their limits when it comes to game design, the games are the same! its the freaking input of the Wii.
you think TP was easy as hell? Go play Zelda 64 again and realize that difficulty hasn't changed sh/t you just grew up with it.

Things have changed sh/t we are back at the time when the PS1 was doing it but now Nintendo is being the bad guy for keeping the industry healthy.

I have played their traditional games and to me they kept the look and feel of the games over the past 20 years. Doesn;t make me blind, it only tells that my Taste is different from yours.
But you know what call me casual all you want, i just remembered that you claimed you never played a casual game. <---LMAO

BTW missed the part where i said that the conference was a bit disappointing to me? In what way am i blind?

It's funny you are trying to argue something with me while there is Nintendo character right in your avatar

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DarkBlood3788d ago

take it easy guys all of the consoles are unique in thier own way and if you dont think so you must be a only one console person and hates all others

Product3788d ago

much rather have this then a headset........cant believe we still wear those things....Apple hasnt had a headset since 2002 on any of their computers.
Time to stop living in the past,besides you ever played Unreal,Halo,or any other fps online?most of the time i play the game on mute for good reason.

TheColbertinator3788d ago

Good feature to have along.Glad Nintendo got on the chat features before they bring out their next console

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