Reggie: "Give Us Time" to Get Traditional Titles Ready

Following the press conference, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was beset by eager reporters who wished to get their questions answered, and as one might expect, one of those questions regarded where Nintendo is in regards to traditional games like The Legend of Zelda.

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Silogon3790d ago


Ps3's 1st & 2nd year on the market:

Media - So, Sony where are all the big games? The ps3 has no games. when are the games coming?

Nintendo's 1st & 2nd year on the market:

Media - Hey, take your time Nintendo. We know when you shine you shine brightest of all!

How absurd can the media and the consumers be? How slanted and one sided is this business really? Well, by where I stand, pretty damn biased.

Smacktard3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The difference being, Nintendo already put out a bunch of their traditional hits, and are close to revealing a few more.

NO_PUDding3790d ago


You work on your casual makret all the time you never think about us anymore!!!

Never have any tiem with you anymore.

Maxned3790d ago

Yea, but heres the difference though:
Nintendo's is selling, Sony's isnt.

Veryangry_bot3790d ago

But Reggie's claim is also one big fat joke.

Because its apparent that Nintendo's recent announced games, are all RECENT developments. 100 buck says that they got scared after E3 and that they redirected resources immediatly to the more "core" type games.

Games that have such little budgets and little time, cannot be a good game.

Also I mean, its too little and too late. I mean Sony has LBP, R2, KZ2 and loads more coming soon. And Im supposed to give Nintendo time? Lmao, dream on Reggie. While youre working on those B rated games, Ill be playing LBP and uploading LBP vids to YouTube like every other PS3 owner this Xmas.

Like hell Im going to wait for Nintendo's empty promises.

Smacktard3790d ago

Hmm, I can never understand why PS3 fanboys always read the Nintendo news and make negative comments about it. Sounds a little fishy to me. Like maybe they're jealous or something.

Wii got some great exclusives coming before Christmas too. Little King's Story, ToS2, and just recently de Blob and Wario Land were released. And 2009 is looking to be awesome. Muramasa, Kizuna, S&P2, The Conduit, Mad World, Punchout, amount many, many more. I lost faith in the Wii and Nintendo after E3, but I definitely gained it back, and then some.

Mahr3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

"100 buck says that they got scared after E3 and that they redirected resources immediatly to the more "core" type games."

Right, I can just imagine how that went off.

"Mr. Iwata! A couple guys on the internet are saying we're not hardcore!"

"No! Even though we're swimming in money and dealing with an audience of over 30 million people, we absolutely cannot afford to lose a couple guys on the internet! I mean, that's what, one or two percent of our market?"


"My god!"

Product3790d ago

Honestly that picture looks like hes watching a baby cook in the microwave.

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Whoooop3790d ago

Reggie: "Give Us Time" to Get the Same Traditional Crap Ready....

Voiceofreason3790d ago

Their crap outsells your chosen consoles crap any day of the week. How sad that you play inferior games but want to try to act like its only the company you dont support thats doing it.

Whoooop3790d ago

I don't care if they outsell everything in the world...

They are still crap...

Fruit Loops3790d ago

Reggie looks scary in this pic...

sak5003790d ago

LOL he wouldn't be out of place in The Dead Space game.

NovusTerminus3790d ago

Good thing I am not the only one who thought that...

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