Das Gamer Interview: NHL 09 Developer Andy Agostini On Taking Your Game (And Name) Online

You probably can't even rollerblade. Learning how to skate backwards hovers somewhere between getting recruited by the CIA and seducing Olivia Munn–it's just not going to happen. For most American men that means you can't play pick up hockey much less come even close to becoming the most dominant defenseman to ever play in the NHL. But EA Sports NHL 09 will change that with the arrival of their major upgrade: full six-on-six online team gameplay. Players can pick a position – including goalie (EA is looking out even for the sociopaths, how nice), form teams and play through leagues and tournaments. The ability to put your own last name and number on the jersey adds a personal touch to this competitive team play, which is part of an overall effort at EA Sports to offer NBA, FIFA and NHL fans something new. Das Gamer caught up with Andy Agostini, online producer for NHL 09, at the EA event in Vancouver to talk about what's in store for gamers when they lace up the skates for the EA Sports Hockey League.

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