Father of Ridge Racer to Lead Cellius, Make Racing Games

Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe contacted Koutaku and said that Ken Kutaragi won't be heading up the newly formed joint business between SCEI and Namco Bandi.

But when asked to double check they became a bit unclear and said they would look into it. This morning Nick Sharples, director of their PR team sent along some more details about the newly formed Cell-centered game developer.

It appears that Namco Bandai's Isao Nakamura, best known for creating the Ridge Racer franchise, will actually be the director of the company while the other board members will be "absentee directors" who will support Nakamura's role...

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MicroGamer5425d ago

they created a job for Krazy Ken where he doesn't have any duties at all.

calderra5425d ago

What a relief!
Now they just have to repeat this for Krazy Kaz and Hilariously Insane Harrison.

(Hairy Harrison obviously doesn't work... Hilarious Harrison doesn't stick because he's not... hmmm....)

DR GRIM5425d ago

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BIadestarX5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

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Back to topic, do japanese companies ever fire their employees? Sony still trying to find a place where to place Ken Kutaragi. How about firing his @$$! No wait! He may end his life with great dis-honor! uggghhhgg! ehhggg! ahhhhh! ekkk!

THAMMER15425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

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If anything you could at least not be bias about it there are Sony fan boys too.

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