The Death of the ‘Main Quest’: A Shift from Storyline to Waste of Time

Ben Hutchings of Gamer Pros writes: "Why is there a tendency nowadays for video game storylines to be constantly interrupted by a variety of pointless, miscellaneous tasks? It’s clear that the importance of main quests and their associated storyline is starting to fall into the background. Instead we have tedious side quests, unnecessary collectibles, and other useless ways of filling our games with time-wasting tasks."

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zb1ftw777540d ago

Any game with pointless fluff should be avoided at all costs.

Give a game with a great storyline and a few things to do after the story has finished.

That's all.

Everything else = waste of time for both dev and gamer.

I've got to the point where if i know a game has a million side grinds to do, I'll avoid it completely regardless of how good the main game is.

Darkwatchman540d ago

There's always this wild concept called...ignoring the side content like oh I don't know, a normal gamer. I ignore side content in every single triple-A open world game I play. I only do enough to get bored and once I'm bored of side stuff, I never touch it again. Bam, nothing more to it. Return to the main story and only the main story. I basically only did the main story in Horizon Zero Dawn. I didn't give a crap about the side stuff because it was too much busy work and time wasting so I gave up and had a good time with the game ignoring optional content

Silly gameAr540d ago

Sometimes, you can't just ignore side quests. Most open world games make side quest necessary in order to get stronger, progress the main story line, make money or get certain items that you can only get doing the tedious missions. That way, you're forced into doing mission you wouldn't usually do and you can't ignore most of the time.

There's exceptions, but most open world games make you jump through hoops to make it seem like the game is meatier then it really is.

The 10th Rider540d ago

Yeah, to add to what Silly gameAr said: Not only do some games require grinding to progress the main quest, some use things such as fetch quests to prolong the "story" of the game. It's become painfully prevalent in games.

EatCrow540d ago

Alright but what if that side quest is actually worth it?

How do you know if it is or isn't. Certain things are pretty obvious... But others not so much.

I remember the days where the idea of side content didn't exist. Optional extra content beyond the main game existed but not side shit.

zb1ftw777540d ago

Imagine if the Dev put the side grind development time into better things in the main game instead.

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SolidGear3536d ago

Like all GTA games. Avoid at all costs.

narsaku540d ago

I've tried to get into Skyrim for years, but I always fall asleep after half a dozen hours due to the terrible early game layout of characters you meet/quests you find and the most boringly voice acted main story I've ever seen...

But, recently after getting the Sophie companion mod, she kept me interested in the world long enough to go deeper and find the GOOD stuff in the game, and it's actually pretty fun, you just have to dig, "which is a serious development flaw imo." and the sandbox gameplay is beginning to shine with some mods..

~~But then there's Breath of The Wild.. Holy crap.

From the very beginning to the last moment it was an epic journey with the best easter egg hunt I've ever played in a game that guided me appropriately around the world, all while keeping my eye on the prize.. Literally.

..The main quest was an absolute blast, the exploration was so much fun, the mysteries in the game filled me with wonder, and the sandbox gameplay was some of the best I've ever experienced in my life. The freedom was unmatched.

..I hope going forward more devs learn a thing or 2 from BOTW. Because even with it's flaws like the quick to become boring dungeons and large parts of the world with nothing much going on it's still one of my favorite games ever made.

EatCrow540d ago

I agree... But this is a result of the hours worth of content = value silliness.

Gamers have asked for it. Now they got it.
Now we have a lot of worthless content but hey... That's value for you.

PiNkFaIrYbOi540d ago

Since pretty much everyone wants open world games this will continue to happen.