Nintendojo: SimAnimals Preview

Animals and pets have always been a part of the Sims world, but never so exclusively the focus of the game as in SimAnimals, a new title completely devoid of human Sims and instead populated by over 30 species of animals, ranging from owls and ducks to foxes and bears. The footprints of civilized humanity are apparent in the game's stages-- a dilapidated manor and an overgrown orchard are two of the playable areas-- but, in a deliberate design decision to keep the game focused, human Sims don't appear in the title, creating an interesting impression of what the earth could be like after humanity's wiped out but mother nature left in tact.

In either the Wii or DS version of this game, both of which have distinctive appeals, gamers are challenged with repopulating these human-abandoned areas with happily coexisting animals.

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