Mighty No 9 Still Disappointing Backers Over a Year Later

COGconnected writes: The physical rewards for Mighty No 9 are proving to be just as lame as the game itself, with some backers still not getting what they ordered

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FallenAngel1984451d ago

How about that Red Ash kickstarter though

narsaku450d ago

Lots of games disappoint people, at least it got made, right?.. How many promising kickstarters out there were truly scams and never got released or the devs quit half way through like StarForge?

..I don't think it's that good of a game, and I still don't understand why they trashed that amazing 2d theme in favor for the ghastly 2.5d look but.. Idk, w/e.

As for Red Ash.. I want another big, good game that's like Megaman Legends.. But I'm not certain if I trust this guy anymore. Either way it's off my radar, if it shows up and drops and it's good in 4 years, then great for me.

450d ago