Techland Unveils Gemly, A New Digital Distribution Platform

Techland, best known for their game Dying Light, has announced the launch of a digital distribution platform named Gemly with Dying Light Content Drop #0

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Gh05t451d ago

I get not wanting to share revenue with Valve by using steam but the convenience is so high. I really dont want a launcher from every publisher crowding my desktop. Not to mention people have huge libraries and this is going to start fracturing that and splitting off to do your own is great but what are you truly offering that is better? "Closer to the community and partners" doesn't tangibly benefit most players.

TechRaptor451d ago

If you look - they aren't doing any App there - it's a storefront with some exclusive offerings for Techland games right now. The sales for it give keys for steam or GOG

Gh05t451d ago (Edited 451d ago )

Okay, I miss read that the first time. So this now literally offers zero benefit that couldn't be accomplished through steam, making it even more useless. They are choosing to offer content you cant get anywhere else because they want you to use their platform... rather than release the content on steam since its going to give you steam access anyways... "On Gemly we offer you exclusive content for games we develop and publish, gems you will not find anywhere else." That literally is all they offer and want people to use it rather than the well used and known Steam platform. Why? That is the part that isnt answered by anything. Why do they need their own platform?

Takwin451d ago

Steam and Blizzard are more than enough. I hate EA but have suffered through it for ME3 and ME4, but no other games. Ubisoft is decent again, but for me it's just the SP stuff like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs. No other launchers please!

TheOttomatic91450d ago

Hmm odd name but interested to see where it goes.