Square Enix Licenses Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3

The title says it all, Square Enix anounced today they have licensed Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 to be used with upcoming next-generation games. This is a first for Square Enix because they have always done their own in-house game development and never relied on another company's engine to make Square Enix games.

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bung tickler5422d ago

$20 says they will be using it on all platforms due to trouble/costs coding thier own engine for the ps3. they probably just scrapped the whole "white engine" after they saw Gears they probably sh!t themselves and said "we cant do something like that on this (the ps3) unless we prerender the whole damn game"

Karibu5422d ago

Dream on.
UE3 will most likely used in multiplatform games.

WE >>>>>>> UE3

nice_cuppa5422d ago

i think they liked gow, as cgi lovers they are graphics whores so this is a good thing.....

Geohound5422d ago

So white it's invisble? Just joking, hope that FF13 can uh.... play like those cgi cinamatics.

DR GRIM5422d ago

nice_cuppa = need to get a girl
power of Green V

Rooted_Dust5422d ago

I just hope they can preserve their style, while using someone else's engine. Guess we'll see now if the UE3 engine is good for anything besides men in big metal suits.

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