PlayStation Plus celebrates its birthday with an awesome PS4 Theme for free

PlayStation Plus turns 7 these days and celebrates this with an awesome PS4 Theme for free to all PlayStation Plus Users.

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Muzikguy1428d ago

I'm really tired of these "themes" being touted as something great. It's Sony's fault we can't make our own, BETTER themes, for free. Putting up a static wallpaper isn't great. This isn't the 90s anymore

OffRoadKing1427d ago

Can you make a complete custom theme on any other console? Not being sarcastic legit wondering if you can.

InMyOpinion1427d ago

You could on the PS3, that's what he's getting at.

Muzikguy1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Yes, we could on PS3, but I believe a static wallpaper as it is today should be free. I also believe that we should be able to use our own anyway on any system. Honestly, what's a wallpaper anyway? Seems like a lot of attention grabbing for something so trivial



OffRoadKing1427d ago

@ Muzikguy

Ok I was referring more to like current consoles but ok. I dont think its attention grabbing as much as its just offering people something and using the wrong term to describe it, if people aren't interested I'm sure they'll just avoid it.

monkey6021428d ago

The plus tab has had a keep an eye put for our birthday surprise message for months now. Please don't let this be it haha

cfc831428d ago

Sony should sell desktop symbols and theme music, as opposed to wallpapers. We can create our own.