Halo 3 "True Skill"

Halo 3 has recently got a new ranking system TrueSkill. While this should be an improvement, GamerStyle have highlighted some "issues" they've found with the TrueSkill ranking system.

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borgome3793d ago

I can't believe this was approved. If you don't understand that the new True Skill sysetm doesn't affect your old rank, well then you are retarded.

fullnewsaccess13793d ago

Seems clear to me that the article isnt about that, its the NEW changes not the old BS.

I hate the new system Im up against 46 and 47 levellers and the new skill system isnt stopping that.

Rhezin3793d ago

most people don't stay glued to N4G 24/7....

..or am I wrong :/

Chainsaw3793d ago

As your trueskill gets higher you get paired with better players so it makes since you wouldn't be getting as many kills.

And btw for those that didn't notice, this article is from way back in febuary.

jluth33793d ago

unless it is for example an Australian article it would mean the 2nd of October. and do u no when this true skill thing came into affect

IdleLeeSiuLung3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It makes sense to me, with improved matchmaking your kills should go down. That means it is more of a level playing field. You are now better matched up with people on your level.

I always get my ass kicked at Halo 3 online.... maybe it would be more fun now.

Girl Gamer3792d ago

Yeah it is 2nd of October not February.

It should be more of an even playing field, but, I feel like the ones I'm up against, are much better than me, making it not an even playing field. I get my arse kicked even more now it's an "even playing field". And it never feels like it :(.


wow i was mad when i saw my tag was naked no number no rank i was like WTF is this sh*t?! my level was 39 the highest and my rank was a commander grade 2, but im over it now gotta rebuild my sh*t way back up there