Gaming Age Review: Pure

Dustin Chadwell writes:

"Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studio's have come together to create my newest video game racing obsession, the off road trickster title Pure. It's easily my favorite in the recent gen of off road racers, combining arcade style visuals and aesthetics with a trick system that's more akin to Tony Hawk or SSX than anything I've played before.

First of all, on the surface, Pure is just damn pretty to look at. Beautiful visuals, well rendered riders, and some astonishing locations make this game a gem to show to the HD crowd, and if you thought titles like GRID were impressive, well, they are! But so is Pure, especially considering the amount of stuff going on with 16 different racers tearing up a completely malleable racing surface across sand, mud, and even snow. I never encountered any framerate drops, which is pretty impressive, and everything runs smooth, with no hint of tearing that the average player is going to notice."

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