Untethered VR Comes to Xbox One: Watch Titanfall on the Ascend Prototype

Is the Xbox One finally getting its own VR solution?

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Goldby540d ago

while impressive, something feels off about it. why is there a cable coming from the xbox one controller, and why is the cross hair only moving horizontally when the tracker is slightly lowering as it is being rotated.

never the less, untethered VR is pretty cool

Bigpappy540d ago

Still no proof it will actually release on Xbox.

BuildTheWall539d ago

My PS4 crashed a few months ago & after spending $800.00 for my headphones , $300.00 on some headphone cables , $700.00 on a portable headphone amp / DAC & $700.00 on a DAP it will be a while before I get another & get a PSVR. If a vr headset releases for the Xbox One I'll pick it up as well.

Fishy Fingers539d ago

Jesus Christ, you must be one hell of an audiophile. That's nearly more than I spent on my PC.

Sucks about your console though :(

538d ago
Pancit_Canton539d ago

That look stupid. Showing a Xbone controller but not actually controlling it. You know they can plug in any controller on PC and make it look it's running on that particular console. This does not confirmed any thing.

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