Project CARS versus Project CARS 2 - Video Graphics Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘Racing At Home’ has shared a new comparison video between Project CARS and Project CARS 2. While Project CARS 2 is said to be running great on the PC, we can clearly see that there isn’t any noticeable graphical upgrade between these two titles. Okay okay, that’s an exaggeration and we are pretty sure that under the hood the game features more advanced graphical effects than its predecessor. However, the visual difference is minimal at best."

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Nacho_Z1316d ago

It didn't need an overhaul it was already looking good and presumably pushing console limitations. PC2 looks a bit prettier and more vibrant.

Nacho_Z1315d ago

People disagreeing but not saying why, let me guess, Forza herp, GT derp.

C-H-E-F1315d ago

Haha, I disagreed with your first comment, because PC1 looks better than PC2 when we look at the cockpit and the car models, I feel like PC2 looks more "dull" than PC2, the colors appear sharper to me atleast in PC1. However, the weather dynamics in PC2 does look better, and tracks graphics...

Nacho_Z1315d ago

Fair enough, couldn't disagree with you. It looks to me like PC2 is a smidge more stylised perhaps at the expense of clarity. Very similar either way aren't they.